Manage Personalities - #1 Killer of Ideas/Teams

The biggest problem I've seen in any company, business or industry, has been the conflict of personalities in the workplace.

Absolutely, the #1 killer of businesses, ideas and teams.  A very strong leader will know how to put the right team together, manage the moral of the team and keep everyone enthused to keep chugging along.  

I've seen many great ideas and opportunities fall apart because of emotional decision making and personalities not getting along, how sad.  Emotion is everything.  

What I recommend is to find out how your team works together right now and reverse engineer them. Find out what type of workers they are.  Are they people that like to get to work and "put out fires" later, are they people that love to research every article, book and video of a topic before they get started?  Finding out these little quirks about your employees could literally save your company.

Once you figure out the working styles of everyone, have a open discussion about why employee A might get frustrated with employee B - explain why their behavioral habits force them to get slightly or immensely irritated with some of their co-workers.  Let employees understand the psychology of their emotions in the workplace.

Hopefully this could be a good start.

I would recommend researching a few topics on teamwork.  Here is one that I thought was interesting: