Trifecta to all success - 3 simple things.

What is the "Tri-fecta" to all successful businesses/ideas? It's quit simple.

I see it as a 3-part cocktail.  MARKET, TEAM AND EXECUTION.

A lot of times, you could have a large market for a product or service, horrible execution, horrible team and the outcome is success.

On the other hand, I've seen amazing ideas with no market, amazing execution and the outcome is failure.

Market would be the most important - product market fit is extremely important.  I guess it's the question of how much market is their for your product.  You definitely want a good team and execution also.  

Ideas don't mean jack.  They never really did.  Perfect example, The Pet Rock.  If you don't know what that is, Google it.  Marketing is one thing, but creating a market is another.

Being in the trenches helps you really understand entrepreneurship at a different level.


Feel free to email me at anytime with more questions about starting your project or idea.  I have a good feel for seeing where the potential pitfalls will be for businesses or ideas.

Have a great day!  

-Zee Moric