See what happens when you outsource to a stranger, Larry?!

Outsourcing may sound like a swell idea in the beginning, but if you don't have experience in knowing what to look for, how to manage creative and development teams, then you have no business outsourcing.  

I've been in this industry for over 15 years and I still get nuts with overseas design and development teams.  Attention to detail is something that is constantly overlooked by overseas teams.  Now, don't get me wrong, I've managed to find some decent teams that can really handle any work you give them, but those guys took a LONG time to come by.  

I've seen SO many clients take on the project themselves, get extremely frustrated and have to bring the project back here in the states, resulting in a massive waste of time and money.  

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'm saying you need to know what to look for and how to manage it. Look for?  Yes, you need to be able to spot the "Mickey Mouse" workers that will simply take your money and feed you just enough work that you'll keep asking for edits and changes, until you've had enough.  You need to be able to spot the workers that simply don't have the chops for your project.

It's hard to listen to other people, I get it.  Most people listen to others advice and then apply their own logic to it.  You really have to be able to listen to others on this topic.  You don't want to sacrifice the quality of your project for cost.  Certain things you can get away with, others you cannot.

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