Trifecta to all success - 3 simple things.

What is the "Tri-fecta" to all successful businesses/ideas? It's quit simple.

I see it as a 3-part cocktail.  MARKET, TEAM AND EXECUTION.

A lot of times, you could have a large market for a product or service, horrible execution, horrible team and the outcome is success.

On the other hand, I've seen amazing ideas with no market, amazing execution and the outcome is failure.

Market would be the most important - product market fit is extremely important.  I guess it's the question of how much market is their for your product.  You definitely want a good team and execution also.  

Ideas don't mean jack.  They never really did.  Perfect example, The Pet Rock.  If you don't know what that is, Google it.  Marketing is one thing, but creating a market is another.

Being in the trenches helps you really understand entrepreneurship at a different level.


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-Zee Moric

Manage Personalities - #1 Killer of Ideas/Teams

The biggest problem I've seen in any company, business or industry, has been the conflict of personalities in the workplace.

Absolutely, the #1 killer of businesses, ideas and teams.  A very strong leader will know how to put the right team together, manage the moral of the team and keep everyone enthused to keep chugging along.  

I've seen many great ideas and opportunities fall apart because of emotional decision making and personalities not getting along, how sad.  Emotion is everything.  

What I recommend is to find out how your team works together right now and reverse engineer them. Find out what type of workers they are.  Are they people that like to get to work and "put out fires" later, are they people that love to research every article, book and video of a topic before they get started?  Finding out these little quirks about your employees could literally save your company.

Once you figure out the working styles of everyone, have a open discussion about why employee A might get frustrated with employee B - explain why their behavioral habits force them to get slightly or immensely irritated with some of their co-workers.  Let employees understand the psychology of their emotions in the workplace.

Hopefully this could be a good start.

I would recommend researching a few topics on teamwork.  Here is one that I thought was interesting:

See what happens when you outsource to a stranger, Larry?!

Outsourcing may sound like a swell idea in the beginning, but if you don't have experience in knowing what to look for, how to manage creative and development teams, then you have no business outsourcing.  

I've been in this industry for over 15 years and I still get nuts with overseas design and development teams.  Attention to detail is something that is constantly overlooked by overseas teams.  Now, don't get me wrong, I've managed to find some decent teams that can really handle any work you give them, but those guys took a LONG time to come by.  

I've seen SO many clients take on the project themselves, get extremely frustrated and have to bring the project back here in the states, resulting in a massive waste of time and money.  

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'm saying you need to know what to look for and how to manage it. Look for?  Yes, you need to be able to spot the "Mickey Mouse" workers that will simply take your money and feed you just enough work that you'll keep asking for edits and changes, until you've had enough.  You need to be able to spot the workers that simply don't have the chops for your project.

It's hard to listen to other people, I get it.  Most people listen to others advice and then apply their own logic to it.  You really have to be able to listen to others on this topic.  You don't want to sacrifice the quality of your project for cost.  Certain things you can get away with, others you cannot.

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Stop copying what everyone else is doing.

What works for Joe will not work for you also.  Your audience is different than your competitors. Know your customer and be creative. Creativity, creation, strategy and execution is what you need.  Unfortunately, creativity can't be taught.

Majority of the time, you have content and marketing methods that are recycled over and over. Try and take a new approach to your industry/product.  When you find yourself doing what everyone else is doing, you should rethink your approach and strategy.  In marketing, you always want to try and be the trend setter or be able to see the hole before it is created.  This always isn't the easiest thing to do, but it is possible with creativity and execution.

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Realize that you need to put out QUALITY content.

Majority of companies have no social media strategy.  A LOT of companies are just getting around to putting a social media marketing strategy.  Just managing your social media accounts is not enough, you need to have a strategy.  

There are very specific ways to use the various different social media platforms.  Some you use as a platform to listen.  Some you use as a platform to catapult your content.  Some you don't use because your target audience isn't there.  This is the most important part of social media marketing, understanding where your audience is, what to say to them, and when.

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You're talking to the wall with your social media posts - STOP!!!!!

Your customers don't want another 15% OFF coupon!  Build some value with them and you'll see them come back ten fold.  Connect at a deeper level than their wallet.

Most "Social Media Marketing" teams do this all day long, just talking about their products and offers all day.  In most marketing classes, they're teaching marketing methods form 30 years ago and aren't really teaching about marketing to today's demographic.

If you have a product, your product needs to be "sticky", meaning it needs to stand out from the rest of the crowd.  What's your competitive advantage to the other products?

If you have a service, then show your customers that really know what you're talking about.

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